Saturday, 9 October 2010

How flylady has changed me

It's been a while once again since I updated this, part of that is not having ideas, or time! It's been going through my head lately that I should document on here how flylady has changed me, as really that's where the anti-procrastination idea came about.

Last week I worked a 70 hour week. Normally I work between 50 and 60 hours, so 70 was a bit of a shock. I was away one night too as part of that. Before Flylady when I was working 50 hours I would spend most of Saturday cleaning and I still didn't have a clean house. I would use holidays (I'm a teacher -yes teachers don't finish at 3pm!) to get the house clean and then in term-time it would deteriorate. I always liked people to think that I was a domestic goddess so would only invite them in during the holidays!

I've been following Flylady for quite a few years and over time things have become more even, I keep on top of things much better and have realised that some things don't take very long, especially if done regularly. During my 70 hour week things didn't fall apart. Yes, the laundry didn't always get done, and the basket was overflowing by the end of the week but it hasn't taken me very much to get back on track. I've just gone back to the normal stuff and I'm beginning to catch up. We were even able to have people to stay at the end of the week! Now that's progress even if it's not perfection :)