Friday, 4 March 2011

Allergic to exercise???

I have never been one to exercise, except coming up to my wedding I went to the gym everyday so that I would be good for my wedding day (which I was, I still smile when I remember the zip on my dress going up so easily :) )

I did go through a phase of going to the gym for about a year. I still have the membership. It is costing me too much! So I have promised myself that I will get back into it. I also seriously want to lose some weight for my health.

Just as I was thinking about this flylady started posting about Jonathan (NEWO) running the Boston Marathon and his challenges running up to this. So I am taking part.

So far, I have walked further to the car a few times (and parked further away at work), scheduled when I am going to go to the gym in the next 30 days (I am not going to put myself under too much pressure but build a habit - so next week only once as my schedule permits), and bought a new water bottle so that I keep hydrated.

On top of this I am going to give up cake for lent... Hopefully a healthier me by Easter :)