Saturday, 20 November 2010


Had a busy week, got up earlier every day which did help at work but I often found myself actually managing to complete a morning routine when I'd usually miss something (laundry etc). Getting to work earlier meant I was less stressed (and less stressed driving in!). I didn't gain anything in the evenings because of how much work I had (some evenings I was working until 10pm) and the BBR needs some work. I'd like to add getting laundry ready for the morning into the evening.

Violin wise, I did do some practice at the weekend, which is better than none. I need to step it up now as I have been asked to play in a school assembly.

Feeling very tired this morning, but that is probably because of a new dose of medication. I will keep trying to get myself into a better place. It does help!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

twist and shout

Today I spent a lot of time on flylady chat. I think that this is a good thing as I get motivated. Today it was definitely useful. I was introduced to a game called "twist and shout" you write a numbered list of 5 things (one of which is a pamper mission) and someone calls a number. you then do the thing associated with that number. it takes 10 mins then you rest for 5. I certainly felt like I was getting a lot done. I used my violin practice as a pamper mission and really enjoyed it.

I had issues today when the car wouldn't start and my dad had to come and help. That upset my plans. So I am going to have to do some work tomorrow, as I lost a couple of hours. :( so much for work-life balance.

I wrote down everything I ate today and made healthy(er) choices. Just need to keep it up!

I definitely feel more relaxed, and like looking around me and being pleased with what I see. In the couple of hours I played the game I certainly made a dent. Need to keep this up! Thanks for the encouragement, here's to continually making life more peaceful! :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

wish list

I've just got back from an appointment with the nurse, and was thinking I need to re-evaluate a few things. I was going to write them on a piece of paper, but then thought "why not blog it?".

Although Flylady is going really well (there's work to be done, but I'm reasonably happy with where I am) there are other areas of my life that really need attention, and probably some flylady principals.

The appointment with my nurse was about my weight, now I know that most women are obsessed with weight, but I am not in a good place. I need to lose weight. full. stop. I want to lose weight. full. stop. I don't want to change my eating habits. Oh dear. I've promised the nurse that over the next two weeks I will do a food diary. somehow I need to force myself to do it!

so that is change number 1, there are some other things that I would like to do too...

2. violin practice.... I have lessons but haven't practiced for a year!!! Oh boy, can't believe it's been that long. I need to fit that into my schedule!!

3. a work-life balance! I tend to work a base-line of 50 hours a week, often more. The work has to be done. so sometimes I work weekends too. Not nice. I am wondering what simple changes I can put into place in order for this to get better. I'm thinking that if I could get up slightly earlier and get out slightly earlier (say 30mins) then that would be 30 mins less needed in the evening. Now going back to flylady I wonder if there is any of a BBR that I'm not doing that would help get out earlier? Maybe I'll try getting up 15 mins earlier and see what happens. There are other things that if I can do at work might help, like thinking about things further ahead. In fact some flylady type routines would be useful for work. Not sure how to start though.

4. Do my physio exercises. I have real issues with my health. I have one leg shorter than the other, and the sprained ankle has caused a lot problems. Having intensive physio which will help, but only if I actually do the exercises. I need to try and fit them into my day (and remember which is often a problem!)

Okay those are 4 goals to be getting on with, which I am going to try and do. Any ideas, help, encouragement greatly received.