Saturday, 13 November 2010

twist and shout

Today I spent a lot of time on flylady chat. I think that this is a good thing as I get motivated. Today it was definitely useful. I was introduced to a game called "twist and shout" you write a numbered list of 5 things (one of which is a pamper mission) and someone calls a number. you then do the thing associated with that number. it takes 10 mins then you rest for 5. I certainly felt like I was getting a lot done. I used my violin practice as a pamper mission and really enjoyed it.

I had issues today when the car wouldn't start and my dad had to come and help. That upset my plans. So I am going to have to do some work tomorrow, as I lost a couple of hours. :( so much for work-life balance.

I wrote down everything I ate today and made healthy(er) choices. Just need to keep it up!

I definitely feel more relaxed, and like looking around me and being pleased with what I see. In the couple of hours I played the game I certainly made a dent. Need to keep this up! Thanks for the encouragement, here's to continually making life more peaceful! :)

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  1. You sound so positive. Go you can do anything you want for 10 mins.