Sunday, 27 February 2011

lots of holidays?

One of the thing that I hate is when people tell me that it's okay that I work long hours because I also get long holidays.

We have got to the end of one of those 'holidays' and I am feeling miserable. I have a list to do for work the length of an A4 page today. There are also so many other things that I haven't done. So to try and lift my mood I am going to try and count what I have done (in the nature of counting your blessings):
  • had the in-laws to stay
  • meal out with my husband
  • meal out with a friend
  • shopping with a friend and my goddaughter-to-be
  • coffee with friends (4 times!! -different friends each time)
  • took a friend's daughter out for the day
  • read 2 books
  • chose flooring for new kitchen
  • moved furniture to prepare for kitchen
  • washing and ironing (all caught up :) )
  • detailed dusting in the lounge
  • went into work and caught up on some filing
  • decluttered a bit (still more to do but there always is!)
  • WHB at the beginning of the week and again at the end
  • Marked some work
Now seeing it all written down, I don't feel quite so bad that I have 'only' done 8 hours work, and still have a lot to do. I haven't wasted the holidays :)

edit: I realise that some people might think I'm moaning about my holidays. I'm not. it's just that I'm beating myself up over wasting them. I often leave a lot of jobs to the holidays, as I am working 50-60 hours every week, and then get annoyed when I don't manage to do them!

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  1. You do what you can do, so don't beat yourself up. And it looks like you were very busy! I think it's a good idea to keep track of what we do accomplish every week, because it's easy to forget that we have managed to check off many things from our list.